Being Beauty – Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Sedena Cappannelliby Sedena Cappannelli

Do you feel fragmented at times? Is your physical energy and spirit low? Is your mind confused? Does your heart feel sad? Do you feel less than beautiful?

Each of these emotions is a message or trigger from our minds, bodies and spirits telling us to listen, to look deeper, to care more, to slow down, to connect with ourselves and pay attention to what we can do to correct these imbalances before they become a challenge or dis-ease in our bodies.

We are built as whole energy systems. By listening to the personal messages that our system is giving us and by practicing ways to connect this whole system of mind, body, and spirit we become loving caretakers of our energy. Just like connecting a plug into its electric outlet, this connection releases our tremendous inner life energy and plugs us into our truly unlimited power source within. In this way we own our beauty from the inside out. Sometimes that means accepting feelings that don’t seem beautiful.

An old Chinese expression says “where the mind goes, the Chi, or energy will follow.” When our minds focus on, resist or deny negative emotions the energy gets stuck inside our bodies and can cause physical and mental discomfort and illness and disconnect us from our spirits. True beauty, health, and balance come from keeping this energy moving efficiently throughout the body and engaging the mind, the emotions, the body and the breath.

Whenever there is an imbalance in the flow of this Chi or life energy there will be a disparity or a shortness of breath. We can literally gauge our life’s energy by the fullness of our breath. The breath is our guide and compass. The trick is to follow it with awareness. Shortness of breath is a sign that an emotion is shutting us down and
cutting off our life energy. Rather than trying to repress the emotion or ignore it, we can accept it for what it is, a part of us at that moment. We can breathe deeply into the feeling and allow it to pass through us.

When you become aware of shortness of breath or a troubling emotion, ask yourself, “what does this emotion have to tell me?” Anger masks fear, fear masks hurt and depression. Go to the root of the emotion as you breathe it in and out until it lessens and then breathe in positive energy to take its place. Breathe in and inspire” positive
energy and then breathe out and release or “expire” all doubts and constrictions. By breathing through the emotions that are present you are literally inspiring yourself! You are allowing your true beauty to emerge from the covering of emotions.

The intention is to be at home in the home you occupy, which is your body. This is where your beauty lies and will flow outward easily and effortlessly if you breathe into your life. As your mind and spirit become more comfortable with the connection to your body the more you will be able to accept and respond positively to the changes that are going on in your life. The freer and more intrinsically beautiful you will become.

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