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Applying The Principles Of Conscious Leadership

By David Dibble Nothing makes my heart sing more than seeing people apply in their lives the principles of Conscious Leadership. Maryle Malloy has, for six years, been applying/modeling these principles in her work in veterinary medicine organizations–and with great … Continue reading

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End Health Care Hysteria! 10 Ways to Save the U.S. and You

By Marilynn Preston Personally, I love a smart, juicy debate. But over the last few weeks, I’ve grown weary and frustrated listening to our political leaders argue about the escalating cost of health care in this country. Runaway health care … Continue reading

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Being Mindful of the Good News on the Environment

By Faren Dancer There seems to be a lot of discussion lately about how things are speeding up on Planet Earth, energies are intensifying with shorter intervals between memorable events, both personally and collectively. It’s becoming more apparent that thought … Continue reading

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Easter – a Resurrection of the Mind

By David Dibble We tend to think first of Easter as the time when Jesus was resurrected. But I wonder if this isn’t also a great time for each of us to take stock in life and seek to rise … Continue reading

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Green Talk – Our Renewable Future?

True sustainability begins within each person, in how we think, to have a mind that is perceptive but at peace, a heart capable of love and forgiveness, and the everevolving capacity to visualize the future we wish to experience. These qualities, along with willingness to take action, will drive our transition. The ability to harmonize with ourselves, each other and our environment, will provide the clarity and inspiration to make the wise choices in the dramatic years ahead. Continue reading

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American Samoa’s Flag Day Celebrations

by John Wasko (First published in BusyCorner Magazine) On April 17th 1900 American Samoa and the United States of America formally ratified their unifying deed of cession. American Samoa officially became a territory of the United States. Flag Day in … Continue reading

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State Governments Restrict Voter Registration? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding!

State Governments Moving To Restrict Voter Registration Clearly these are challenging times. Our national political dialogue has, for the most part, been reduced to a school yard brawl in which name calling has replaced civil discourse and truth has been … Continue reading

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Transocean Gives Out Safety Bonuses? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding!

Transocean Ltd gives safety bonuses despite Gulf spill deaths From an online posting on Political Hotwire this week we learned that Transocean Ltd, the company responsible for operating the deep water rig in the gulf that exploded killing 11 people … Continue reading

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It’s Just a Little Anxiety…Right?

In today’s fast-paced world with intense deadlines and increasingly complicated financial situations, there is one experience common to menopausal women; anxiety. We all have unique stressors that increase anxiety in our lives, but while we may not all share the same triggers; we can all empathize with the effects of increased menopausal anxiety. The physical affects are only a small sample of the plethora of symptoms that are associated with anxiety in menopausal women and these alone are enough for most of us to seek a solution, but in order to treat anxiety during menopause, one must first understand it. Continue reading

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Cyphers – Episode 10 – White Ashes

Cyphers is a character drama about a group of individuals who discover unexplained phenomena, and how this unearthing affects their personal and professional lives. While searching for the catalyst to these appearances, they uncover treacherous organizations obsessed with controlling food … Continue reading

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