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De-aging - mature woman in yoga pose

De-Aging – The Miracle of Each Moment

| July 19, 2012 | Comments (0)

In his late 70’s now, Kaz is the inventor of de-aging. It’s not a product or a program. It’s a concept, a way of slowing down the aging process without resorting to desperate anti-aging measures involving pills, plastic surgery or fetal lamb cells. I’ve heard him talk about de-aging before. This time I’m taking notes.

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love letter to the world

Love Letter To The World

| October 19, 2011 | Comments (0)

Jeddah Mali asks, “When we wake up each morning, do we give orders for the sun to pass over the sky or for all the creatures to go about their business?”

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AgeNation Co-founder Sedena Cappannelli

20th Annual Elder Issues Conference

| May 29, 2011 | Comments (0)

AgeNation’s co-founder, Sedena Cappannelli is to give a talk on’ Aging Wisely in the 21st Century’ at the 20th Annual Elder Issues Conference, 29th Sept, 2011, Flagstaff, AZ.

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The Dawning Demographic Revolution

The Dawning Demographic Revolution

| October 1, 2010 | Comments (0)

The Demographic Revolution

We are on the edge of one of the greatest social, cultural and economic revolutions in history. Over the course of the next two years a significant percentage of the U.S. population – by some estimations that number will be 50% or more – will be over 50 years of age for the first time in history. Couple this fact with dramatic changes in science, technological and digital communications, increasing longevity, declining birth rates and a shrinking tax base and the implications are astounding. And not just for those of us who are 50 and older, for younger generations and for all of those who will come after us as well.

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