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Category: Travel

Ten Tips Before Traveling to See Your Mother

Ten Tips Before Traveling to See Your Mother

The transformative magic of travel. by Judith Fein Read this before you plan a visit to your mother. Maybe you are going to take a trip to mama’s house for Mother’s Day. Or perhaps you’ll wait until her birthday, the Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving. If the trips are pleasant, perhaps you’ll go for all […]

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What's it Like in American Samoa?

What’s it Like in American Samoa?

| October 6, 2012 | Comments (3)

People like to know about a travel destination before they decide – like how much is accommodation; how much does it cost to get there; what is the food, or nightlife like, and so on. So I thought I would give potential travelers an overview of what the great American Samoan islands have to offer.

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Child With Flowers

Life is a Trip – Adventure

| July 19, 2012 | Comments (0)

Here Judith talks about the rewards of meeting people who are different from you and attending life ceremonies when you travel.

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Judith Fein on AgeNation - Life is a Trip - Vices

Life is a Trip – Vices

| March 7, 2012 | Comments (0)

A series of short videos about the book, LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel, in which author Judith Fein takes you with her on voyages that change the way you look at the world and yourself.

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Highland Piper Scotland

Sights and sounds from the road by travel Experts Judith Fein and Paul Ross – Life Is A Trip

| October 19, 2011 | Comments (0)

It’s everywhere, all the time, always around us. It’s the sound of life happening.

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Mayan temple at Chichen Itza

Despite the Economy, Travel is Still Good for the Soul

| May 30, 2011 | Comments (0)

Judith Fein – “No one spoke about money, portfolios, salaries or career advancement or the recession … but they all spoke about travels.”

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hiking in the rainforest of American Samoa

American Samoa – Hiking Rainforest to Reef in Five Hours [VIDEO]

| May 30, 2011 | Comments (1)

John Wasko shares this unique trek follows a centuries old village trail, now part of the National Park of American Samoa. No other rainforest adventure in the world compares in beauty.

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