6 Sure-Fire Ways To Get Your Swagger Back

| June 25, 2014

How To Get Your Game On In The Second Half

SwaggerThe other day, I was working out at the gym passively watching CNN on the wall in front of me. Suddenly, there he was on the screen… George Clooney. It was a replay of the actor-activist’s press conference at the White House when he spoke about Sudan. I couldn’t hear a word he was saying, and it didn’t matter. His swagger said it all.

What is swagger? It’s a confident way of moving that non-verbally says, “Pay attention, what I do and what I have to say matters.” Clooney’s swagger mixes humble with cocksure ease like nobody’s business.

When you were younger, you may have had Clooney-like swagger. You would walk into a room like a rock star and make things happen. You knew who you were; and told yourself you could do anything. Then, it all changed. You may have sold your company, shuttered your business, lost it all in the recession or got taken down a peg with a pink slip. In what felt like a blink of an eye, you were brooding instead of producing – shell shocked instead of firing away.

I’ve been there, and I have to tell you there are ways to raise your self-esteem and get your swagger back, and get it back better than before. Swagger and charisma go hand in hand. Think of Jennifer Lopez as she strides onto the American Idol stage on route to her judge’s chair. Wow! Before she goes on, I can imagine her backstage telling herself, “I’m beautiful, amazing and loved.” Self-talk is a big component to getting your swagger back.

Even If You Lost It, You Can Raise Self-Esteem And Get Your Swagger Back Today. Here’s How:

1. STAND TALL. Height communicates authority. If you’re tall, accentuate it, own it and for goodness sake, don’t slouch. If you’re not tall, practice moving with confidence and wearing clothing that’s tailored to fit you (let’s face it, your body is changing all the time). A clean line from head to toe gives the appearance of stature.

2. WALK RIGHT IN, SIT RIGHT DOWN. When you enter a room, don’t hesitate in the doorway or bashfully poke your head in. Remember, you belong! And if you have a choice, choose any upright chair over a sofa, which can swallow you up in a single gulp.

3. PASSIONATELY ENGAGE. Know these expressive tools: Wide eyes demonstrate interest. A very gentle nod indicates understanding, agreement, and approval. When you lean forward, your intensity and passion come across. It goes without saying that a gesture doesn’t substitute for what it represents, but with practice, using these positive and powerful physical communicators can become a natural way of expressing interest, understanding and passion.

4. LISTEN TO YOURSELF.  Sit down with a tape recorder and talk. Then play it back.  How did you do? Do you sound confident or fragile? Is there a youthful enthusiasm in your voice? Try lowering your voice down an octave and speaking from your diaphragm. Clooney and Lopez do this. Like them, you’ll be taken more seriously when you do.

5. EVALUATE YOURSELF AS A STORYTELLER. Grab a friend and tell him or her how you see yourself. Unspool a story about your life. Again, make a recording. Listen for ums, ers, you knows and other hesitations. Listen for word tics, words that you overuse. Do you sound stilted? Do you need to edit? Does your confidence come across in your voice?

6. SPEAK WITH A SMILE. We are living in a time where relationships can go on for years without ever a face-to-face meeting. So knowing how to communicate swagger in your tone is essential. If you smile when you answer the phone, your smile will shine right through the lines. If you’re smiling, you’ll sound as if you couldn’t be more delighted to be talking to the person on the other end. My 88-year-old dad is a master of this! An upbeat personality communicates self-assuredness, personal comfort, and a positive outlook.

Reconnect To Your Swagger and Get Your Game On!

Swagger comes from a place deep inside you. To reconnect with your swagger, go back in time to when you aced a presentation, won a project, received an honor or captured a major piece of business. Now, stand tall, speak with authority and smile ear-to-ear from that place of strength. You’ll find your self-esteem growing as you quietly say to yourself, “Clooney, step aside.”

Robin Fisher Roffer - AgeNation Careers ExpertRobin Fisher Roffer is a reinvention and personal branding specialist. She is the author of several books on fearless leadership and brand storytelling, including Make A Name For Yourself: 8 Steps Every Woman Needs To Create A Personal Brand Strategy For Success and The Fearless Fish Out Of Water: How To Succeed When You’re The Only One Like You. She’s also CEO, Big Fish Marketing, Inc. bigfishmarketing.com


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