Life is a Trip – Vices

| March 7, 2012

A series of short videos about the book, LIFE IS A TRIP: The Transformative Magic of Travel, in which author Judith Fein takes you with her on voyages that change the way you look at the world and yourself.

Here Judith talks about a Maya god who understands and forgives human vices.

If you have your own example of ‘vices’ while traveling, please feel free to share your stories with us via the ‘Comments’ section – but keep it clean!

Judith Fein - AgeNation Travel ExpertJudith Fine and Paul Ross do a lot more than write great travel articles and take world class photographs that capture the spirit of remarkable destinations, they belong to a special breed of adventures who forge paths that others of us can follow not only to explore new geography but to uncover new experiences – eye and heart opening experiences – experiences that help us to understand other cultures, to connect with other people and learn more about this remarkable and extraordinary earth that we are privileged to call home. In keeping with the mission of AgeNation, Judith and Paul will soon be announcing some remarkable journeys for AgeNation Community members.

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