American Samoa – Hiking Rainforest to Reef in Five Hours [VIDEO]

| May 30, 2011

As this article and video by John Wasko points out that there are many remarkable places on this planet to visit and many unusual and exciting ways to takes these journeys. For Boomers, Elders and older GenXers who, by the way, constitute the largest travel audience in the world, these adventures are part of the extraordinary gift of being curious and engaged in the world we live in. Some of John’s adventures will also soon become available to AgeNation Community members.

hiking in the rainforest of American Samoa
This first of many posts on American Samoa as a travel destination is by John Wasko and first appeared in BusyCorner Magazine Blog – republished with permission of the author.

On Tutuila island hikers transit four rainforest regimes; cloud, ridge, littoral and strand, in a single day. No other rainforest adventure in the world compares in experience and beauty. This unique trek follows a centuries old village trail, now part of the United States National Park of American Samoa. Along the way hikers reach a maximum elevation of 1,300 feet and began the ridge descent to the village of Vatia. NPS information signs provide educational value about rainforest ecology, wildlife and topography.

The visitor experience is singular and dramatic. Under the triple canopy environment epiphitic plants, multiple varieties of orchids and ferns, prop-rooted giant hardwood trees, lianas and strangler vines, spectacular tree ferns occupy the upper cloud and ridge rainforest regimes. Closer to sea level, stunted lower canopy trees, heliotropic shrubs and, eventually, at sea level, the salt resistant creepers and sedges of the rainforest beach.
Take the hike virtually and then make plans for an only-one-place-in-the-world rainforest, reef education adventure.

John WaskoAgeNation is delighted to welcome John Wasko as a contributor. John specializes in corporate and industrial publications in American Samoa, recently launching American Samoa’s only full color lifestyle magazine, BusyCorner. Since then the BusyCorner Magazine Blog was launched as an eco-tourism product showcase which is beginning to play a key role in the rebuilding of American Samoa’s tourism industry. John both writes and makes videos on Samoa’s magnificent rainforests, reefs, history and culture.

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