Gap Between Rich & Poor In US Greater Than In Egypt! You've Gotta Be Kidding!

| February 15, 2011

You've Gotta Be KiddingAs reported in The Huffington Post last week, “according to Congressional Budget Office the lowest twenty percent of households in America saw their post-tax wages increase from $15,500 in 1979 to $17,500 in 2007. The middle sixty percent saw their incomes increase from $44,000 to $57,000 during that period. And the top one percent saw their post-tax incomes explode from $350,000 to $1.3 million. Furthermore, in the past three years the picture of distribution has likely worsened, with record levels of long-term unemployment as well as draconian cuts to basic services like health care and education at the state and local level, which have disproportionately affected people lower down the income ladder.”

While Egypt, a country whose lack of equality just sparked a revolution, ranks 90th in the the top one hundred countries with the most inequality, America comes in at No.42! Think that’s good for America?

You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

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